Saturday, 27 September 2008

First Ever Blog.. Bear With Me

Riiighty, so this'll be my first actual blog, so chances are it's going to be crap, unless of course it's actually genius.. But it's more likely to be the former so let's just get this over and done with. Contrary to my previous statement, I do like to write, I just find the concept of writing about your day to day activities slightly tedious. I mean, unless you've been attacked by a Mars bar-wielding Polar bear on the M4 it's hardly going to be groundbreaking is it?

Hmm, so I should probably start with the basics then, and these are they-
1. My name's Maddie Bird, I live in Bristol and am currently a student at College in the notsomuchsleepybutdull suburbs. I've only just started College but already I love it. It's so different from my Secondary school, for one thing there are no fights involving toilet plungers and all manner of arsonery which I found to be a nice change. I'm loving the freedom of it all as well, just leaving whenever you want and having free time in between classes, it's just long enough to feed my caffeine addiction and let me catch up on the teen dramas of my lovely friends. As much as I love them dearly though, it's more Hollyoaks than OC.

The subjects aren't that bad either. I'm studying AS Philosophy, Psychology, English Language, Politics and Critical Thinking (yes, 5- eep!). So far in Philosophy we've already managed to incite a war against the Religious Studies teacher and determine that Yoda is more important than God. Good times.
Psychology is possibly the most tedious of all the subjects I am taking; we have a teacher just out of University (I think) who's trying his best to make it interesting but, alas to no avail, a class that is almost entirely silent, rendering establishing friendships almost impossible, and the first topic we do is based on the Brian and covering Psychosurgery. Fun. Which leads me on to my next point..

2. I am slightly odd. I don't mean this in an 'omg look at me like look how I am like totally 'weeeeirrd' ' way. I don't cope well with blood and gore, and as much as I would like to watch Saw I doubt I will ever be able to, as I tend to collapse at the drop of a hat. Which sucks, but at least it gets me out of lessons where gore is involved. At my secondary school I collapsed twice in my Science class, once was at the start of the year as well, talk about making a good first impression..
I also have this astigmatism in my eye, meaning I can't really see very well, but the other eye compensates for it so it's not that bad. I've pretty much given up on glasses, unless someone can make me a Monocle? At least then I could rock the whole Monopoly man look that's going to emerge into the fashion world soon, you can just tell. But, anyway I am digressing, just to sum up this point, well, it doesn't really matter now, onto the next piece of useless information.

3. I like to sing. A lot. I sing as part of a choir at the cathedral, which is fun but hard work. It also means that I have to get up early on 2 Sundays a month :S But still as nerdy as it sounds I do like singing the music, and the people are generally lovely. I also do singing lessons and have achieved Grades 3-5 ABRSM so far. If you haven't heard of ABRSM then this means nothing to you, so just nod along, you'll wake up soon.. But yeah, I'm usually a Classical/choral singer as that's the only thing I'm remotely competent at. However, I am going to try and put a folk band together, for a laugh, I mean how hard can it be?
(N.B It's going to be a bit shit, but I'm determined to at least give it a go this year) Besides, they say that all good music journalists are actually rejects from the musical world who never made it, so hears hoping..

4. I want to become some sort of Journalist when I'm older. Although I am somewhat of an ambitious person, I'm probably going to end up at the Evening Post, but that's only if they stop letting go of their staff, and that's probably not going to happen with the economy as it is and all..

I find that you can sound like you know what you're talking about if you use the words 'credit crunch,' 'Obama' and 'Gordon Brown's an idiot.'
Not that I think that, of course. Well, to be honest for a Politics student I really don't care about Political parties. I like the Green party as my parents were probably hippies in a former life, and you have to admire the MRLP just for trying to make Politics a bit more mainstream. Because, let's face it, nobody cares anymore do they? As much as we'd all like to pretend we know what's going on with Labour and the Government, all we care about is that they don't mess up our money too much or we'd have to start buying Tesco Value products instead of their slightly more expensive range.

5. My two great loves are Music and my friends. Both can make me angry (Jonas Brothers) and happy (Ironically, The Smiths and The Cure are amongst those cited as happy bands for me).
So, chances are, in this old blog thing, much of it will centre around music, with the occasionally anecdote from my rock'n'roll lifestyle that is the life of a 16 year old College student.