Sunday, 30 May 2010

Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away

This just makes me melt.

This isn't the version I wanted but it was literally the only one I could find (Damn you Youtube!). You HAVE to download the studio version of it though to see what I mean.

There's something about this song being sung by a male voice rather than the usual soprano that's warm, inviting and just generally yummy. I also really love the guitar part that Frank wrote for it, it's a nice take on a classic.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Sunshiney Goodness

Pretty much sums up my mood at the moment.


Whimsical, wonderful and very very poppy. This is the sound of the summer, or at least it should be. The fact that they sound a lot like Scouting for Girls is the only downside to these guys; a factor which I think is made up for by the use of the awesome glockenspiel (the instrument of Gods).

I should be seeing The Candle Thieves perform at The Croft on my birthday, I'm very much looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sleek, sexy electro that's perfect on a day like today when the ever elusive sun decides to grace us with an appearance. Mmm yes please.

Sound good to you?

If that hasn't convinced you then I'm sure the writhing girls in the video will (if you're that way inclined..).

Make sure you download The Wave Machines' debut album, it's out now and available to download on their site. I'm expecting grand things from these guys, they have that Hot Chip/LCD Soundsystem kind of vibe that's bound to set the Indie clubs ablazing.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Yet another Sam Sparro song I'm trying desperately hard not to like..

Is it wrong that I adore his outfit?

It's official: the funk is taking over.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Folk? Capes? What's not to Like?

Evening chaps, I know it's been a while. Blame my ever increasing workload/revision schedule and idleness for the delay. I assure you normal service shall resume shortly..

Now then, forget about the Government palaver, (yes I know we're doomed but at least it gives us the chance to lose ourselves in The Smiths' back catalogue all over again, every cloud and all..) there's much more important things going on down in fair old Albion. One of which is the rise and resurgence of the Great British (and Irish) Folk Scene. There have been rumblings (albeit soft, twee ones) resounding from the nooks and crannies of the British Isles over the past couple of years or so, but it's been the past few months that have really shaken the foundations of the lo-fi music scene- Folk is the new Indie.

We've seen Laura Marling emerge from the shadows to produce a breathtaking second album, Mumford and Sons have captured the hearts of the nation with their debut in an everloving embrace and my favourite Dev, Mr Lightspeed Champion, has brought us a thoroughly interesting second solo album.

And don't even get me started on Frank Turner.

Indeed, we really have been spoiled for choice lately. Adding to this long list of luxurious lyricists (too much?) is Sam Taylor a.k.a Adelaide's Cape, a band that's certain to charm the metaphorical knickers off of you. You might have been lucky to catch Sam and the rest of Adelaide's Cape on tour, having supported both Alessi's Ark and Rachael Dodd in the past. If not then take a look at this, folk at its warmest:

I'm a sucker for an acoustic guitar, but this is just gorgeous isn't it? Perfect in its simplicity with an air of complete contentment, I can definitely picture myself swaying to this under a cloudless sky whilst genteelly sipping on Pimms with some pals.

If you'd like to share in the dream, Mr Taylor is supporting The Miserable Rich on tour this June, and will be hitting up The Secret Garden Party and Open House Festival later on in the year with some folktastic tunes yo.

Adelaide's Cape will also be playing a slot at the Bandstand in Bath on the 12th of June, (free entry) so if you're in that neck of the woods then check it out.